The Foro por la Memoria del Campo de Gibraltar y Asociación de Familiares de Represaliados por el Franquismo en La Sauceda y El Marrufo are the promoters of the Casa de la Memoria. We are two non-profit-making organisations whose main objectives are to achieve truth, justice and reparation for all victims of Francoism and their families. We want to recover the history and truth of what happened to our forefathers, and we also want to recover the ideals of freedom, equality and social justice which they were defending.

The Foro por la Memoria del Campo de Gibraltar (Forum for the Memory of the Campo de Gibraltar) is a non-profit-making association which was started in December 2005 by a group of people from Algeciras who had been collaborating since 2002 in the recovery of the democratic history of the area.

Its first president was Luis García Bravo and the board today is made up by the following people: Andrés Rebolledo Barreno, President; Andrés del Río Alcántara, Vice-president; Francisco Gómez Pérez, Secretary; Arturo Ruiz Quintero, Treasurer; and Juan Miguel León Moriche, Member.

The objectives of the Forum can be summed up as TRUTH, JUSTICE AND REPARATION. Truth, because we need to know what really happened in our country during the long years of Francoism, who the rebels were and who defended democratic legality, freedom and peace. Justice, because we owe that to all those who fought so that we could enjoy a somewhat better world today. And reparation, because without that there is no justice for those who died or suffered reprisals simply for being loyal to a government which had been democratically elected by the Spanish people.

The Asociación de Familiares Represaliados por el Franquismo en La Sauceda y el Marrufo (Association of Families who suffered Reprisals from Francoism at La Sauceda and El Marrufo), known as Afresama, is a non-profit-making organisation which was created in Jimena de la Frontera in January 2012 with very clear objectives: to recover the individual and collective memory of all victims of Francoism; to return to them the dignity which for so many years was denied to them; to research and collect documentation regarding written and oral testimonies, graphic, digital or printed photographs, films, books and publications, information leaflets etc. to form a documentary collection and make it available to those studying the subject; and to carry out activities which contribute to the fulfilment of those aims, not only through means within its reach but also through collaboration with those public and private entities in Spain and abroad who share its aims. At present the association has more than 30 members and its board is formed by Andrés Rebolledo, as president; Domingo Herrera Mateo, vice-president; Miguel Ángel Rebolledo Barreno, secretary; and Sebastián Herrera, treasurer.

So far, its main activity has been the archaeological project to excavate and exhume the graves at the Marrufo estate, which was carried out in conjunction with the Forum. As a result of this project, at the end of July 2012 Afresama lodged a case with trial court number 2 in Jerez de la Frontera, shortly after the first skeletons were found of people shot in 1936 on land belonging to this estate. Afresama considers that crimes of enforced disappearance, detention, torture and assassination were carried out there and that these are crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes against peace and international security, all perpetrated against the defenceless civil population for political and ideological reasons, in the context of armed insurrection against the legitimate government of the Republic. The court ordered the case to be shelved, and the association’s lawyer lodged an appeal with the provincial court. Later, we added our cause to that of the legal case against the crimes of Francoism in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which is being handled by judge María Servini de Cubría. We have also provided complete reports to the United Nations Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances and the UN’s Special Rapporteur for the Promotion of Truth, Justice, Reparation and the Guarantees of Non-Recurrence, who have presented a series of recommendations to the Spanish government which are systematically not being fulfilled.