In memory of a genocide during the war of 1936-39

The exhibition in this room has been possible thanks to the work of the following people and institutions:
Promoters: Foro por la Memoria del Campo de Gibraltar and Asociación de Familiares de Represaliados por el Franquismo en La Sauceda y El Marrufo.
Year: 2016

Project management: Andrés Rebolledo Barreno and Juan Miguel León Moriche.
Display, design and illustrations: Juan José Trujillo.
Texts: Juan Miguel León Moriche.
Manufacture and installation: Rotumaster Rotulación.
Illumination, image and sound: Audiovisión y Jesús Marchena.
Photographs: Andrés Rebolledo, Jesús Román, Francisco Gómez, Juan Manuel Guijo, Andrés Carrasco, Giulio Rimondi, Juan Vinuesa, Adria Riudavets, Alfonso Pecino y Juan Carlos Bilbao.
Advisers: José Manuel Algarbani Rodríguez, Fernando Sigler, Jesús Román Román, Juan Manuel Guijo Mauri, Juan Carlos Pecero Espín, Andrés Rebolledo Barreno, Arturo Ruiz Quintero, Andrés del Río Alcántara, Francisco Gómez García, Jorge Morales Miranda.

Thanks to: Grupo Festina, the Cádiz provincial government, the Junta de Andalucía’s Memoria Demócratica committee, the Town Halls of Jimena de la Frontera, Castellar de la Frontera and Casares, the Government of Gibraltar, the Memoria Histórica Jerezana association and the Papeles de Historia association.

The Foro por la Memoria del Campo de Gibraltar (Forum for the Memory of the Campo de Gibraltar) is a non-profit-making association; it was started in December 2005 through the efforts of a group of residents of Algeciras who had been working together since 2002 to recover the democratic history of the region. On 21st July 2006 the Forum was added to the Junta de Andalucía’s register of associations, as number 7901. Its work mainly consists of research and information about everything to do with the historic memory in the seven municipalities of the Campo de Gibraltar. The first president was Luis García Bravo and the board today is formed by: Andrés Rebolledo Barreno (President); Andrés del Río Alcántara (Vice-president); Francisco Gómez Pérez (Secretary); Arturo Ruiz Quintero (Treasurer); and Juan Miguel León Moriche (Member).

The forum’s objectives can be summed up under the slogan TRUTH, JUSTICE AND REPARATION. Truth, because we need to know what really happened in our country during those long years of Francoism, who the rebels were, who was defending democratic legality, freedom and peace. Justice, because we owe that to all those who fought so that we could enjoy a somewhat better world today. And Reparation, because without that there can be no justice for those who died or were repressed for simply being loyal to the government which had been democratically elected by the Spanish people.

Since its foundation, the Foro por la Memoria del Campo de Gibraltar has signed collaboration agreements with different institutions. Among these are the Town Halls of Algeciras, Castellar de la Frontera, Jimena de la Frontera and Los Barrios, and others are due to be signed with municipalities such as La Línea, Tarifa and San Roque. We have also collaborated with the Algeciras Port Authority and the University of Cádiz, with whom we organised a conference in November 2013 in the assembly hall of the Law Faculty in Algeciras. In 2015, also in collaboration with the University of Cádiz, we organised a seminar on historic memory as part of the Summer Courses in San Roque, something which is now held every July. We have also signed collaboration agreements with other entities and associations such as the Ateneo Republicano del Campo de Gibraltar and the Papeles de Historia association, among others. In 2016 the forum signed an agreement with the Cádiz provincial government to equip the Casa de la Memoria and collaborate in running it.

In 2011 the forum, under the Law of Historic Memory and with a grant from the government, carried out a project which involved prospecting, sounding for and locating the common graves at the Cortijo del Marrufo; as a result, the remains of four people who had been shot were found. In 2012, also thanks to a grant from the government, we put another project into effect, to study and provide information about the civil war and Francoist reprisals in the Campo de Gibraltar.

Historian José Manuel Algarbani coordinated the investigation, which has also led to a book, an exhibition and a documentary. The exhibition and documentary are part of an intensive information campaign which we began in 2013 and which is continuing this year with seminars, conferences and talks at schools, associations, political groups, syndicates and cultural entities. Together with the Association of Families who suffered Reprisals from Francoism in La Sauceda and El Marrufo, the forum is collaborating in the creation of the Casa de la Memoria in Jimena and other activities of a judiciary nature: it has taken part in filing a lawsuit in Argentina about the crimes of the Franco dictatorship, has provided documentation for UN investigators into human rights and enforced disappearances and has been to the European Parliament in Brussels to ask, together with the other associations, for truth, justice and reparation from the Spanish state.

La Asociación de Familiares Represaliados por el Franquismo en La Sauceda y el Marrufo (Afresama) is a non-profit-making organisation which was created in Jimena de la Frontera in January 2012 with very clear objectives: to recover the individual and collective memory of all those who suffered reprisals under Francoism; to give the victims back the dignity which was denied to them for so many years; to research and collect documentation, written and verbal testimony, graphic, digital and printed images, films, books and publications, information leaflets etc. in order to create a documentary collection and make it available to those who are studying the subject; and to organise activities which help to achieve those aims through resources which are within its reach, and by collaborating with different public and private entities in Spain and abroad who share its aims. At the moment the association has more than 30 members and its board is formed by Andrés Rebolledo Barreno, as president; Domingo Herrera Mateo, vice-president; Miguel Ángel Rebolledo Barreno, secretary; and Sebastián Herrera, treasurer.

The association’s principal activity since being constituted was the archaeological excavation and exhumation of the graves at the Cortijo del Marrufo. This was carried out in collaboration with the Foro por la Memoria del Campo de Gibraltar (see next page). As a result of this project, at the end of July 2012 Afresama filed a lawsuit with Trial Court number 2 in Jerez de la Frontera shortly after the first skeletons were found of people who had been shot on land belonging to this estate in 1936. Afresama understands that crimes such as enforced disappearance, detention, torture and assassination were committed there and that these were crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes against peace and international security. They were all carried out against a defenceless civil population for political and ideological reasons, in the context of armed insurrection against the legitimate government of the Republic. The judge ordered the case to be shelved, and the association’s lawyer appealed to the Provincial Court.

In addition this association and the forum, with sponsorship from Grupo Festina, has been working in recent years on another very interesting project: the Casa de la Memoria. It has restored a house in Jimena de la Frontera, in Calle Sevilla in the centre of the village, very close to the Town Hall. The Casa de la Memoria is designed as an open centre for research, information and reflection on historic memory. It has exhibition rooms, a document archive and library, and a conference and screening room. The archive includes written documentation and an audio-visual archive with verbal testimonies, which have been filmed or recorded, from people all over the Campo de Gibraltar who suffered reprisals during the Franco era and especially those who survived the seizing of La Sauceda and/or their children and grandchildren.